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Dedicated Partner With A Deep Understanding Of Technology, Proven Ability To Effect Operational Change and Unique Relationships

North Quest Solutions provide back-office solutions and support for the accounting requirements of your business. North Quest Solutions aim to provide the highest quality services with such innovation and perfection that our clients can’t help but be satisfied with their experience. For BPO services, Technology solutions, Virtual assistant solutions, and Digital marketing services to 100 other operational solutions, we provide services expertly tailored to ensure your business succeeds. ​

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Global Customer Engagement Service Provider For Effective CX

With a long experience as a 24/7 customer engagement services provider and a deep understanding of the consumer lifecycle, we help you deliver an excellent customer experience (CX) at each touch point of a customer’s journey. Our customer engagement call center services help you boost the CSAT score, customer experience, and consumer loyalty through the power of human connection.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Back Office Support

Back Office Support for Accounting Firms! Payroll Services, Quarterly CFO Services/Advice/Coaching, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping, Compliance Management, Customer Service, Collection Service, Financial Planning and forecasting, Tax Planning


HR Outsourcing

Hire anyone in a new country in minutes and automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance. It's a world-class experience for your business and the entire international team.
Hire Employee, Hire Contractor, Run Payroll, Local Labor law Compliance, Tax Compliance


Desktop & Laptop Support

Work as a help desk for business. They deal with office equipment and end users to provide unlimited service. This includes hardware break-fix support as well as some technical guidance and limited support. Desktop support services also focus on removing old hardware for recycling and install software image on desktops while focusing on emerging of desktops too. ​


Network Support

When your company's network is down, your business loses money and productivity. You need a reliable network support team on call to bring your systems back up to speed When you partner with Iconic II. you get fast, personalized network support services 24 hours a day/days a wank, To ensure you get the quickest solution to network issues, you need to call a trusted network support provider For docades. ​

Softwares/EHRs we are experts in